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Running a relay race inside a hotel is the new sport

KT will show the video call service `Me` using 3D and AR. e-sports broadcast dedicated app `e Sports Live` `Giga Live TV` `professional baseball live` `musician live` and prepared a variety of new services. LG U + will also focus on providing VR content.

It provides VR contents on the theme of popular idol, dating, webtoons, sports, and so on. We also show the service that can see idol at various angles by using AR. In the music domain, where streaming apps are already commercialized, 5G will contribute to the activation of ultra high-quality lossless music service, which is tens of megabytes (MB) per song.

Many music services have already launched a lossless music streaming service but have not received much attention except for some listeners. KT has released the RealJiniPack streaming service for FLAC 24bit streaming service for 5G commercialization. As a result, competition among music service providers for the lossless music service market is expected to intensify.

Kim Tae-hoon, general manager of telco business division of Jinny Music said, “The most important point of 5G music service is data fee.” KT will launch the real genipack, which does not incur the cost of music audition data for the first time, said.

Thanks to this automatic translation function, Vietnamese users who can not recognize Hangeul easily got to know Korean media reports about Park and Vietnamese national team in real time. In fact, the number of “cacao i translation” button clicks in December last year and January this year cacao news service increased about 350% from the previous two months. In March, when Nguyen Kong Fujong played in three games, Cacao News Traffic (PV) from Vietnam increased by 550% compared to last November and the click rate of translation buttons increased by 470%. if you need more info just visit this site 해외축구중계.

Son Jeong-ah, the general manager of Kakao portal service, said, “The Vietnamese news users who are interested in soccer and Korean wave naturally have access to the news, I will increase the number of cases of globalization. “

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